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Unemployment Compensation and Tax

Kash Yajnik shared about unemployment compensation linkage to taxable income. A few points to know: Unemployment Compensation is Taxable at Federal Level. Taxpayer receives 1099-G Form stating the Taxable Unemployment Income and Taxes Withheld by Jan 30 of the...

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The Art of FOCUS in Martial Arts

Mike Yu, the master instructor at Kicks USA Martial Arts studio in Pleasanton, shared about the importance of focus. This is one of the main 'life skills' he teaches to his students at Kicks USA studio. Mike is living his own lecture about focus during his recent...

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Ready to Tie the Knot?

Discussion Led by Neil Libbe Neil's law firm provides many services relating to family law, including but not limited to pre-nuptial agreements, expectation agreements, representation in divorce proceedings, they handle issues relating to child custody, support, and...

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

John Glover – Glover’s Deep Steam, carpet cleaning Pleasanton Glover’s Deep Steam has over 50 years of experience in cleaning carpet. John’s advice about the first thing to do when dicovering a spot or spilling something on the carpet is ‘DO NOT PANIC’. Out of panic,...

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Got website?

Ardiman Elkana, WSI Internet Consulting – Web design and optimization, Pleasanton & Dublin His key differentiating factor is the 20+ years of international IT-business solution experience and the global support from WSI. WSI has done the research globally of what...

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Buying a car? Did you check the report?

Neal Goldstein – Auto Buying Specialist. Neal shared the importance of reviewing information from Carfax, especially when buying a car. The Carfax may contain useful information to point out any major repair or accident that are recorded on the car. Several team...

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Passion for Martial Arts

Michael Yu – Kicks USA, Pleasanton Mike in his presentation mentioned that his passion for martial arts did not come immediately. After taking his own son for a taekwondo class, he wanted to tried it himself. It turned out he fell in love with the sports himself and...

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Tips & Tricks in House Cleaning

Hugo Santana – Santana House Cleaning – San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin Hugo shared photos and videos of his cleaning crew in action. Also, emphasizing the importance of know what cleaning solution and materials to use without damaging countertop surfaces or floors....

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Technology Speak

Chris Russo, First Tech Computing – Computer services, Pleasanton Windows 8 operating system is out. Most new computers now will be rolled out with this new operating system. According to Chris, it is very similar to Windows 7, with touch screen enabled features. It...

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Relationship between dental and overall health

Do you know that there is a strong relationship between your overall health and your dental health? Be careful with mercury fillings; besides the toxic level, it also can crack your teeth. Just as a magnet next to a television will distort its image, so will...

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