Speakers and Networking Events

Business networking and learning opportunity in Pleasanton
Business Networking in Pleasanton



Speakers / Events

Aug 4 Kevin Bradley & Jan Sunzeri
Aug 11 Claudette Rodrigues & Ralph Kokka
Aug 18 Mario Soto & Jack Harrington
Aug 25 Lynette Murphy & Karaminder Ghuman
Sep 1 Ardiman Elkana & Dolores Sanchez
Sep 8 Crystal Langen & Mike Yu
Sep 15 Levi Wolfe & Mark Wynn
Sep 22 Michel Gnutzman & Chris Freitas
Sep 29 JoAnn Luisi & Tim Soldati


Business networking and learning opportunity in Pleasanton

BNI Special Event

BNI Crossroads Summer BBQ

Sat, Aug 12

Wolfe Family Ranch


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BNI Works

$7 Million+ closed business passed in our chapter since 2003. 
Last year: Over $1.7 Millions

Time and Place

7:00AM – 8:30AM
Inklings Cafe
530 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Open Category

Family Therapist, Trainer, Hair Stylist, Florist, Event or Wedding Planner, Electrician, Video-grapher, and more