Neil-150Discussion Led by Neil Libbe

Neil’s law firm provides many services relating to family law, including but not limited to pre-nuptial agreements, expectation agreements, representation in divorce proceedings, they handle issues relating to child custody, support, and division of retirement assets, etc.

Expectation agreements which is process developed by the senior partner, Jerome Blaha, during which Jerome discusses each of the parties’ expectations for the relationship, identifies potential conflicts, helps the parties compromise on those differences, and prepares an written agreement.

Ethical Code

Neil shared that as an attorney he must abide by his profession’s ethical code which is more stringent than the BNI oath.  He explained that he is prohibited from, and others on his behalf, from soliciting business directly from potential clients in person or on the telephone.  If a BNI member meets someone that wants to use his services, then that potential client needs to contact him, he cannot contact them, and the referral slip needs to reflect that.

Taxing Divorce?

Neil began to discuss some common tax issues that people face while going through divorce.  He touched on topics including the unlimited gift tax exemption between spouses, spousal support is deductible to the payer and taxed to the receiving spouse if certain requirements are satisfied, child support is not tax deductible, and there is a dependent tax exemption and child tax credit available to the custodial parent.

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