Do you know that there is a strong relationship between your overall health and your dental health? Be careful with mercury fillings; besides the toxic level, it also can crack your teeth.

Just as a magnet next to a television will distort its image, so will communication from the brain to the body be disrupted by the greater electrical field generated by the dissimilar metals in your mouth. Millivolts are generated in teeth. Nanovolts are generated from the brain via the nervous system.

Dr. Eccles in Livermore provide non-toxic filling materials, as well as safe removal of mercury fillings. Safe removal practices should be observed, because of the large mercury vapor release during amalgam removal. These precautionary measures are used in his office and are called “SAFE PRACTICES.”

  • Rubber dam and or “Clean Up” (particle and vapor capturing device)
  • High volume suction
  • Copious water flow
  • “Chunking out” large sections
  • Alternate air source for patients to breathe
  • Room air filtration with negative ion generator
  • Large, long-neck, high powered vacuum with 3 stage air filtration to capture mercury vapor and particulate matter released from the mouth

For more information about safe removal of mercury fillings and replacement with biocompatible fillings, contact Dr. Eccles or visit Dr. Eccles website.